Two hearts become One….

I shot my first wedding this weekend, but it was so much more than just a wedding. I was nervous going into it…I worried I did not have the proper equipment, and that I would not do a good enough job. It was a wedding for a family member, so that added to my stress. Everything went really welll, and I ended up surprising myself, and looking back on it, I learned a lot, but the biggest lessons I got from the experience are…

1.) have more faith in myself, and in the Gift GOD Gave me…I Really CAN do this!

2.) Giving 100% and hard work really DOES Pay off, and Is Noticed!

Without further introduction, here are some of My Favorite shots from the event….

Cleats and Lace…..

*The Flower girl Came straight from softball practice to the wedding rehersal*

*one of the reasons (besides the occasion itself) this day was so special…

the first time in 23 years my husband and all his cousins were in the same place at the same time*

 This precious girl has been an inspiration to me this year…

Her courage and strength in her fight against Cancer…

Moments like this is why I LOVE Photography….

I was Honored and Blessed to be able to Capture the Moments of this day. I Learned a lot about myself, about my Photography, and took a TON of Photos, and Had fun at the same time. I had told my husband I would never do wedding Photography….but I may have to rethink that statement now!


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