About Rachel


Hello, my name is Rachel. I am just a simple country girl, a stay at home mom. I have enjoyed taking Photos since I was a child. Personally I feel that while posed portraits are certainly wonderful, a more candid setting better captures who the people in the photos are. The raw emotion of a smile as a child jumps in the leaves, a spontaneous kiss between lovers, the simplicity and innocence of a sleeping child…..My goal is to document our time together in such a way that creates a lasting memory of that moment in time. A child’s pout, smile and giggles are all part of what makes their unique personality so special. Their innocence, curiosity and natural state of wonder makes photos of them come to life as a piece of art that you will cherish long after your child is grown.

I capture spontaneous and natural moments, making the photo session fun and easy for you and your child.  My approach is to limit posing, eliminate forced smiles and most of all no silly props. I’ll run around with your kids, share parenting stories with you and just have fun in a relaxing and casual setting. Throw the idea of a portrait studio where you and your child both have high anxiety as you only have 20 minutes to get them to sit and smile on a forced backdrop out the window.  As a mother of three children, I know how frustrating it can be to get them all posed “Just right” so I say forget posing…let them be themselves…let them jump in the leaves, smell the flowers in your garden, take a walk in the park and just have fun while I capture that memory. My sessions capture them doing what they do best, letting them be little! They grow up too fast and every milestone deserves a chance to be savored by you. Once those moments pass by, they can not be recreated. Freeze those moments in time and remember them forever.

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