Why I Love Photography….

When did you realize how much you loved photos?

What motivates you to love your images?

I was 10 years old when I was given my first Camera, and was bitten by the shutterbug.  I started taking pictures of my siblings, pets, toys, Nature, and fell in love. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery, of learning to fine tune my focus, to look for the beauty in things most people see as ordinary, in places people see as run down, in all the world around me. Photography has given me a unique perspective and helped me see beauty even when I do not have my camera in hand. Here is a glimpse into some of what Motivates me….

Some of the Simple moments, captured forever with my camera, the reasons i love Photography…..


In April of 2015 we said goodbye to a very dear friend and coach. As I sat reflecting and remembering the life of an amazing Coach and friend, going through Photos, I was once again reminded why I take so many Photos, why I love Photography. I don’t set out to just capture my kids playing Ball….yes that is PART of what drives me, but it is deeper, it is capturing the moments on AND Off the field….The friendships…the FULL essence of Life at the Ballpark and away from the ballpark…. to be able to look back and cherish the moments….to give my kids photos to look back on and treasure. It is worth all the eye rolls I get from my daughters ( the older they get, the more they roll their eyes 😛) I am truly blessed to have been given a gift that allows me to bless those around me, and I pray that I am using it to the best of my ability.

There is incredible beauty in this world, in the simple things, in the everyday moments, in the wonder of childhood, in the times when we remember to slow down and see the world around us. These are the moments to cherish, the moments I love to capture, the every day, non prompted, non posed, life in all it’s everyday beauty and wonder.

There are so many reasons why I shoot…There are so many reasons why I choose to shoot more “Lifestyle and Candid” than purely portraits. This post covers a Big one…..Photography for me is about the story….It’s about etching memories in time for future generations, about giving families something to hold onto after a loved one is gone, it’s about the big picture, the seemingly simple moments, that when looked back on become big moments. It’s about Birthday Parties, Graduations, Prom, Ball Games, Baptisms, LIFE, Moments….Life is short, precious, and to be cherished. My kids ask me constantly why I am always taking pictures….not just of the “Milestone moments” but of the day to day ones…..

I cherish the Photos I have taken of my Youngest and her friend, digging in the dirt, riding bikes, jumping in leaves. Moments that at the time seemed so small and simple, etched forever in time as precious memories, in an album for her to look at when she misses Him. You see, He is in Heaven, and those seemingly simple moments have become treasured, cherished memories, something for her to cling to on the hard days, when her grief gets too overwhelming.

I remember my grandparents funerals, pouring over the Photographs of their lives, hearing the stories from older relatives of days long gone, triggered by a picture, while other pictures took me back to my childhood, back to a moment, a memory long forgotten. Photography is special, it’s important, it’s an art and a gift.

When You see me out and about, Camera in hand, know that for me it’s about more than just a photo-shoot, it’s about telling a story, capturing a moment, creating treasured keepsakes.


The next time You see me when my camera aims Your direction and You contemplate sticking Your tongue out, rolling Your eyes or hiding remember that i will most likely snap the picture anyway. I have people asking me all the time why I take so many pictures. I do it because it is what I love, because on days like today, we are all thankful for the photos to look through, to celebrate the life of a loved one. Because I have a non verbal child, and Photos are the best way to capture His expressions in the moments, because life is short and memories should be treasured and cherished. It’s Ball Games, Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Graduations, Proms, Celebrations of moments to be cherished, and It’s also in the every day, the Simple moments that someday are looked back on as big memories. It is my way of giving back something to the people around me who bless me and my kids.

Will I ever get there?

There are days when this dream feels so distant, so out of reach. There are those in my life who seem to think pursuing it would be/is a waste of my time. I have been questioning my abilities and wondering if I can really do this. What happened to that girl who when told ” You can’t be a Marine, you wont last a week of Boot!” did it anyway, and DID survive Boot Camp, and came out stronger ( or so I thought) because of it…..and Now, faced with a HUGE dream, the fear runs rampant. I am my own worst critic, I doubt my work, I worry that because I don’t have the right equipment, I will fail.

As I have spent countless hours thinking about this, about my life, one thing keeps resounding in my mind…God gave me a gift, I KNOW that much. The question is, How can I use this gift to be a blessing to others, to give glory to God?  The answer seems to have something to do with the Special Needs community God has placed my family in…the world of His Precious Children whom the world often misses because so many can’t see past their disability, and I know one reason I take so many photos is because my son can’t handle a studio shoot, I understand the desire for Photos of your children, and the heartache of studio shoots gone wrong….I keep coming back around to them, the children like my son, and to their families. I just don’t know yet How this fits in

So that is where I sit….Trying to get my feet under me, overcome my doubts and fears, and take that first step…

Why I take so many Photos…

I have had people say my Camera is my “third eye” or “surgically attached”. I have had some ask why I take so many photos, and call it an obsession. For me, it is a passion, something I LOVE. I was on Facebook earlier, and someone posted a link to a blog post about photography, and this JUMPED out at me…..“a love of photography alone usually isn’t enough—it’s usually better if it’s connected to some larger, deeper love, whether it be nature, family, people, political convictions, architecture, a place, or any one of the thousand and one other possibilities that drive people to want to look at, preserve, and record things that are important to them. It applies equally to people who take or collect photographs. (Both are collectors, really.)”

That got me thinking. WHY do I love photography so much?

One reason is, I have been blessed with a child with Autism, who cannot tell me how his day went, His words are few ( though his speech has come a LONG way ), and so, with my camera I can capture every priceless memory, every goofy grin, or silly moment. Every small milestone, or HUGE moment.

But, that can’t be the only reason, as I have loved photography since I was 10 years old, LONG before the thought of being a mom EVER crossed my mind. No, there has to be more to the story….

As I look back through the photos I have taken over the past 20+ years, It occurs to me that the things I photograph most are scenery…but not just any scenery…it’s clouds, Rural life, and flowers….and People in my world, loved ones…friends, family…people I cherish. I love the challenge of catching those candid moments, the non-posed shots..pure emotions of the moment.

the beginning of an adventure

From a very early age, I have loved Photography.  whether its taking photos of Nature, or capturing spontaneous candid shots of family and friends. now that I am an adult, with three children of my own, I have discovered that photography is a valuable skill and while my children may at times hide when I reach for the camera now ( LOL) It has become a great joy to be able to capture their smiles…highlights and milestones  in a candid relaxed setting outside of a photo studio…able to just let them be themselves, no forced smiles, no silly props, no uncomfortable poses.

The adventure begins as I started thinking about the possibility of taking this one step further, from just a hobby, to a way to help my wonderful husband support our family.  I don’t know just yet how I will do this, and right now it is still very much in the planning stages, but is something I would very much like to do, and am praying about and seeking guidance for.

To all my family and friends who have been a constant source of encouragement in this, Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your encouragement, I would not be able to even consider starting down this path without you. You are each and every one of you a tremendous blessing to me.

I hope you will stay with me as I begin this journey, and will enjoy my adventures….