Trying to do better at this whole Blog thing….

I realize I have neglected my Blog…The Honest truth is, with 3 teenagers, life is a whirlwind. Last year was jam packed full of milestones as my oldest graduated from high school and headed off to college. Between capturing her Senior Year, and keeping up with my younger two and their ballgames, and other moments, keeping up with my blogs was the farthest thing from my mind. I wanted to be IN the moments, not watching over my laptop screen….

Here is a glimpse at some of my favorite shoots and moments from 2015….

2016 Calendar is filling up fast with Senior Sessions, Ball Games, Birthday Parties, First Dances, Prom sessions, and all sorts of other moments to Etch in Time. I hope You will stay tuned as I continue to spread my wings, and do my best to use the Talent God has blessed me with to Bless the world around me, to capture treasured moments, and find the beauty that is all around me. Thank You for believing in me, and for encouraging me to keep shooting.