Will I ever get there?

There are days when this dream feels so distant, so out of reach. There are those in my life who seem to think pursuing it would be/is a waste of my time. I have been questioning my abilities and wondering if I can really do this. What happened to that girl who when told ” You can’t be a Marine, you wont last a week of Boot!” did it anyway, and DID survive Boot Camp, and came out stronger ( or so I thought) because of it…..and Now, faced with a HUGE dream, the fear runs rampant. I am my own worst critic, I doubt my work, I worry that because I don’t have the right equipment, I will fail.

As I have spent countless hours thinking about this, about my life, one thing keeps resounding in my mind…God gave me a gift, I KNOW that much. The question is, How can I use this gift to be a blessing to others, to give glory to God?  The answer seems to have something to do with the Special Needs community God has placed my family in…the world of His Precious Children whom the world often misses because so many can’t see past their disability, and I know one reason I take so many photos is because my son can’t handle a studio shoot, I understand the desire for Photos of your children, and the heartache of studio shoots gone wrong….I keep coming back around to them, the children like my son, and to their families. I just don’t know yet How this fits in

So that is where I sit….Trying to get my feet under me, overcome my doubts and fears, and take that first step…

Cherished Moments

Spending time with Family …

celebrating a Milestone…


A new beginning…

*Class of 2011*

Of all the Photos I took….

This one is my Favorite….



Spending time with Family …

celebrating Love …


A new beginning…

*Daddy’s Little Girl*


*Love of a Lifetime*

Why I take so many Photos…

I have had people say my Camera is my “third eye” or “surgically attached”. I have had some ask why I take so many photos, and call it an obsession. For me, it is a passion, something I LOVE. I was on Facebook earlier, and someone posted a link to a blog post about photography, and this JUMPED out at me…..“a love of photography alone usually isn’t enough—it’s usually better if it’s connected to some larger, deeper love, whether it be nature, family, people, political convictions, architecture, a place, or any one of the thousand and one other possibilities that drive people to want to look at, preserve, and record things that are important to them. It applies equally to people who take or collect photographs. (Both are collectors, really.)”

That got me thinking. WHY do I love photography so much?

One reason is, I have been blessed with a child with Autism, who cannot tell me how his day went, His words are few ( though his speech has come a LONG way ), and so, with my camera I can capture every priceless memory, every goofy grin, or silly moment. Every small milestone, or HUGE moment.

But, that can’t be the only reason, as I have loved photography since I was 10 years old, LONG before the thought of being a mom EVER crossed my mind. No, there has to be more to the story….

As I look back through the photos I have taken over the past 20+ years, It occurs to me that the things I photograph most are scenery…but not just any scenery…it’s clouds, Rural life, and flowers….and People in my world, loved ones…friends, family…people I cherish. I love the challenge of catching those candid moments, the non-posed shots..pure emotions of the moment.

Crossing the Threshold

Last month, my Oldest Daughter attended her first Formal Dance, the 8th Grade equivalent of Prom.

It was a Bittersweet moment for me, especially since due to Military training, her Daddy missed it…

We took LOTS of Photos,

but One said more than I anticipated it would…

My little girl,

crossing the threshold…

To Childhood….

Every photographer has a favorite “genre” of subject matter.

For some, it’s animals, or plants, Landscapes, weddings, Portraits…..

For me, while I love all of the above,

my Favorite of all time,

is children playing,

In their natural state, not posing, no fake smiles

Just pure joy and laughter….

Below are some of my most recent moments…

“”In the eyes of a child…

there is joy, there is laughter…

there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future…””

Author: Air Supply

Home…Priceless memories…

Last summer I took a trip up to Upstate NY with my children to Visit my family and friends. It was a Bittersweet trip for me. It was the first time I had been home for a Visit in 3 years.Here are SOME of the Photo Highlights from my trip(Those who know me KNOW I take a TON of Photos!!)….

To Read more about the trip, please visit my other blog and read my Post by the same Title: Home…Priceless memories…

*Helping Grandma in the Barn*

*”Blue Eyes”


*Conversation with Grandma*

*Cherry Picking*

*Fireworks and Wonder*

*New Friendships Formed*

*Following the Penguin Trail*

(This is my friend’s little boy)

*Kisses from a Princess*

(My Friend’s little princess)

*Passing History down to the next generation*

*The House that built me*

Just a sampling of the Photos from my trip. I can’t possibly post them ALL here, there are just too many!!!

A Hobby grows into A Dream…

From the time I was about 10 years old, everywhere I went, I had a camera with me. I Love taking Photos, I love capturing those priceless candid moments. I have a dream to someday take my photography to the next level, to use my gift to bless others, to turn my passion for photography into my profession. In the meantime, I have my Point and shoot, and everywhere I go, It goes…

Kids in Action….

*Water Wars*

*Play Ball!!*

*The Munchkin Train*

*let the hunt begin*